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What Is Content Marketing?

April 18, 2017


It’s official. A human brain has now the ability to ignore ads and commercials. So how to promote your business without spending fortune on advertising no one will even remember? The key is to realise, that this is about time to change the approach. It’s time to introduce your brand to content marketing. 


Before we will start with what content marketing is and what it can do for your brand, let’s have a look on some statistics




Why is this happening?  

Why is it so hard to make people watch ads and remember them?


This is mainly happening due to the information overload. There are simply way too many adverts, visuals and commercials attacking us every day of our life. This is why our brains became masters at filtering irrelevant information. We have now also a shorter attention span, which makes a marketer life difficult. Because how on earth you can sell a product in 8 seconds? What is the secret to making people remembering you? 


‘You do not build brand value by saying how cheap you are. You do build brand value by reinforcing how special you are.’

– Larry Light, US brand consultant.



Kind of a true, isn’t it?


I will also say that the key is to realise, that you don’t need to attack your client with adverts they won’t even remember. You need to understand and respond to your client’s needs, by creating and distributing valuable content for them.


And this is called content marketing


Content marketing is:


  • creating and sharing valuable free content

  • attracting one’s attention and create a close relationship with them

  • engaging your audience  

  • your content is interesting to your audience and close to your brand


Content marketing can be done via: 

  • videos

  • photos

  • blogging

  • infographics

  • eBooks

  • podcasts

  • etc.

You can use various marketing tools to share a story with your clients. 






Equus Leather. This British producer of hand-made, high quality leather products, uses video content marketing to show their customers the great process of making their bespoke products.


Old technique, modern approach


The approach to the content marketing has changed, but this marketing method isn’t quite new. Brands are sharing their stories for centuries.


In 1900 the famous tyre manufacturers Michelin created the first edition of The Michelin Guides. They’ve printed 35k copies and gave them for free to French motorists. The guide contained useful information including maps, lists of car mechanics, petrol stations, hotels and instructions how to change a tyre. 




What content marketing can give you? 


  • creates a relationship with your client. 

  • makes people talk about you, they are likely to share your stuff

  • builds your presence in the internet


Not convinced, yet? Here’s more ‘business’ point of view:


  • costs 62% less than outbound marketing 

  • generates more than three times as many leads

  • drives higher conversion rates. 


That’s not all, folks!


So you now know what is content marketing and what it can give you. But let me say this article was only an introduction to such a broad topic like content marketing. Now you need to find out how to create valuable content, what are best ways of sharing them and how to measure the outcome of your actions.


Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you :-)

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