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5 benefits of using aerial footage

May 2, 2017

Not so long ago drones were mainly recognised as unmanned aircrafts used mainly in army. Today, drones enable anyone to see the world from a different perspective, and people absolutely loved it. Regardless flying drone for recreation purposes, here’s why you should add aerial footage to your company’s video. 


Before we’ll start: aerial footage involves photography and videography. During one flight not only  a great video can be created, but some cool still shots can be taken as well!

1. Remarkable stunning results


If you are not afraid of heights and you enjoy flying by plane, you’re probably choosing a window seat while booking a trip. Don’t be afraid to admit that you like to observe the world through the window while being high above the clouds. Let’s say it: we love that perspective! 

Aerial footage offers an exceptional experience of seeing things differently. With exception of plane trips, we normally can’t see the world from birds-eye perspective. That is what makes drone videos so interesting. Viewers might get bored of watching a video of a place or object they see everyday through their own eyes, but watching it from above can drastically change that attitude. 

2. Accessibility 


Drones are able to fly over and into areas with a limited access, e.g. river, cliffs, construction site. 
Tv news producers are using drones and helicopters to show miles of traffic jam, large fire destroying forests or large gathering of people. Basically anywhere, where the cameraman can get access to or is not able to establish a good shot. 



3. High Quality


It may seems that the quality of a drone footage might be compromised by the fact, that is an aircraft with a small, light camera. Wrong. 

Professional and semi-professional drones offer capturing the footage in HD, slow motion or even in 4K. That is the qual or even better quality than some of DSLR cameras offer. 


4. Wow factor


If shot well by an experienced videographer, an aerial footage will make the viewer say ‘wow’. Even though drones are not difficult to fly even by a young person, a photography knowledge will be required to adjust the camera settings. Plus there are various types of video shots that can be done, from mastershoot to a panorama, which also requires appropriate skills. 

5. All in one


Imaging that your company offer luxurious yacht trips. You’d like to show the dignity of the boat cruising through turquoise Mediterranean waters.


Filming from the yacht, you can either shoot the boat itself or focus on the water. A shot from the drone offers the ability of capturing the whole image at once. It’s almost like you hear boat beak slicing the water… Whether you want to depict the size, shape of the object filmed, its relation to the surrounding and the distinctive view of the whole location, aerial will be the perfect solution. 

Industry that benefits from aerial photo/video the most:

  • real estate

  • resorts

  • yachts

  • travel

  • building/construction

  • automotive

  • event 



Add the aerial footage to your video if:

  • you want to stand out from others ( everyone can shot a video, not everyone can shot aerial)

  • you want to mesmerise your audience with shots from a different perspective

  • you praise high quality content


Drop us a line to ask any questions: kornel@flintmediagroup.co.uk 

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