How to be more professional on Instagram? 5 great tips for business profiles

August 29, 2017


Instagram is one of the greatest social media platforms if you want to build your brand’s community. There is lots of work to be done in order to build your position on Instagram, but here are 5 great tips to make your brand look professional on Instagram. Let’s go!  

1. Switch to business


First step is to switch your profile to business mode. Here’s how:


1. Open Instagram App
2. Tap Settings
3. Accounts - Switch to Business Profile
4. Connect your Facebook page




Once you have switched to business, Instagram will display business industry you belong to (as set on Facebook) below your Business Name on your profile page.


You should also add you contact details: telephone number, email, address, to allow your potential customers contacting you.


As a business profile you will have access to a powerful tool - Insights. This feature will help you to understand your followers - basic demographics and their behaviour. This knowledge is very important to improve your engagement rate. Knowing your audience allows for creating better content. 
You will also see how your posts are performing, how many impressions and reach you have earned recently. 


2. Make use of your bio


If you were thinking about copying and pasting 2 sentences from your ‘about’ page on website to your Instagram bio - don’t. Your bio should say who you are straightaway, help followers to understand what you do, but you can also use your bio to create an interesting Call to Action (e.g. encourage followers to tag their pictures with your product) or promote an event, other social media profiles etc. 


Besides tell what you are doing, think of writing what is your motto, what type of content you will be sharing, add relevant information about you and your business. Put something interesting there and humanise your brand!


It might be difficult to create an interesting bio on your mobile phone, but here’s a little hack:

Go to your Facebook page and start creating your Instagram bio as you would be posting something on your wall. Use emojis, symbols and space to optimise the copy for your Instagram profile. When you’re done, copy and paste it into your Instagram app.


Here’s an example of a nice bios, done by L'Oréal Paris Makeup @lorealmakeup and Michael Kors @michaelkors.

They have managed to create a bio, that says who they are plus they've created a CTA and they are promoting their recent collaboration project or their social media profile on a different platform. 





























Remember, you’ve got only 150 characters to use, so use them wisely. 


3. Following counts


Naturally, one of your targets will be to attract and retain followers on Instagram. But you also need to make sure, who you follow as a brand.


  • Follow other brands form your industry, your business partners, competitors. 

  • Find bloggers and influencers.

  • Target & follow followers of your competitors.

Don't follow everyone, but profiles that will get you closer to your industry. 

You are not on your social media for yourself, but for your audience. Sharing interesting content is important, but making interactions with others matters too. Following right audience is a first step to start making interactions, by liking, commenting or re-sharing relevant content. 




4. Link trick


Since Instagram doesn’t allow for adding clickable links wherever you like on Instagram, the only place to do so is to to use your bio section. Lots of pages will send the audience just to the website, but you can do much more. 
Use your posts and stories to promote your blog posts, specific products or events and tell your audience to follow the link in your bio. Longer links can be shortened to look more neatly. Try using


Psst: and don’t forget to update the link each time you want to drive traffic somewhere else!




5. Quality content


Non of the tips above will help you to grow your Instagram community, if you won’t be posting high quality content! Regardless the industry you represent, photos or videos that you’re uploading should be thought-through, created with care and attention. Instead of taking the average quality pictures on your phone, its worth to invest in professional product photo shoot. 
Create engaging captions and use relevant hashtags. You can try separating hashtags from the main copy by using return key on your phone ( create new line) or you can put hashtags in a comment. 

Don’t neglect Instagram stories - it’s a powerful tool which will helps in building a community. Add locations to your posts & stories, to be visible to the relevant audience. 




Leave us a comment if you have any questions how to build your social media profile. 

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