10 values video can bring to your business

October 3, 2017

Content is king, but video is an emperor! Video marketing can bring profitable results, and there’s no better way of showcasing your brand rather than a company video. Here are 10 most important values that video can bring to your business. 


1. Organic traffic & SEO optimisation 

According to Cisco, online video traffic will account for 79% of global internet traffic by 2020.
That is really SOMETHING, right? 
Adding a quality video to your website can also improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which will positively affect the organic traffic on your site. Video is the evidence of quality content, which sends signal to search engine, which can boost your page rank. By adding keywords, video transcript, your giving search engines likes Google more information on your site, so it can provide a better search result. Plus, always upload your video on YouTube. Why? Because YouTube is owned by Google. We think it’s self-explanatory ;-)

2. Social media marketing

There are more than 65 million business pages on Facebook. To stand out from this massive crowd and appear on your consumer feed, you need to create and post something really special on your business profile. Video to the rescue. 

Short videos, uploaded directly not only to Facebook, but other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, can not only improve your visibility, but also result in a great engagement of your consumers. Remember, they’re very busy living a real life and life in ‘social’ - they are more likely to consume a video rather than read. 




3. Increased lead generation


There are tons of emails than are just being unopened forever and landing pages that no one cares about. 
Embedding videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80 percent. What is more, adding a video to marketing emails can boost click-through rates by 200-300 percent.
This is putting you closer to your consumer! They are more likely to spend more time on your page or blog, if they haven’t done it yet - they ma leave you their contact details and it’s all making them another step closer to buy your product or service. 


4. Purchase influence

Question: how many times did you buy something online after watching a video about the product /brand first? If you’ve done it at least once, then we don’t need to explain why video has a great purchase influence.


64% people buy sth online after watching a video on social media first.


Simple video, not even an ad, just a video about your product, an honest video review, showcase etc. will make the job done when it comes to selling product online.

Remember, people buy with their eyes!






5. Company introduction (showing company values & policy)


As we said before, there’s no better way of showcasing your company than a video. 
You’re building an interest, a trust and connection between you and your consumer. Probably, not many people will ready the tab ‘about’ on your website, but they will hit the play button if they’ll see a video embedded there!

6. Easy way of explaining a difficult topic


Your product/service might be very specific. Using a professional, industry lingo and complicated language to describe it can be off-putting. That is why it’s worth to use visuals to explain something and spread the message across. You’ve got a e.i.  classic video, animation, screen-capture to choose from. Show how to use your product, display how to navigate through your new app or present your services. 




7. Building relationship with audience


Videos, as part of your content marketing strategy, will create a perfect opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship with existing clients and attract new, potential ones. Creating video content like vlogs, webinars, instructional and explainer videos on topics that directly correspond with your audience needs and expectations, can help you to achieve strategic goals like building brand image, engaging the audience, lead generation etc. 

8. Shorter than text, but more info included


Forrester estimates that one minute of video equates to 1.8 million words of text in the message communicated. Can you imagine yourself reading 10 pages of text to understand something? How about watching a video instead? It’s just easier & taster to consume. You’ve got words, audio and visuals to use. 3:1 for video!



9. Builds trust 


Almost everyone can create a website, social media profile or create a job listing, without proving their identity. How can you tell this company is what it says? Creating a video and engaging you and your employees in it builds trust - people are more likely to trust someone who is not afraid to expose himself to the public. 

Plus, people buy from other people. 



10. Entertainment factor


A video used in your communication should be professional, but don’t forget about entertainment.
Your company videos doesn’t have to be always serious, a smart amount of entertainment factor can increase your audience’s engagement. Many companies use videos to show what their team is up to after business hours or, in a funny way, they show what is happening in their HQ after gaining a new client ;-)





Clearly, there are many reasons to start using videos in your communication strategy. Don't forget it's just a start! There are plenty types of videos you can use and each of them can have a different purpose, can be dedicated to a different user. Think of a video as a long-time investment, not a one-of shot! 


If you are not sure what videos should you create for your brand or you have an idea you'd like to discuss with us - we're here to help. Leave us a comment or drop us a line: marta@flintmediagroup.co.uk. 



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