End of Year company video - 5 best ideas

December 6, 2017

End of Year company video gives an opportunity for engaging your audience this Holiday and making much more of it than just sending a Christmas cards, newsletter wishes and decorating a Christmas tree.


Don't get me wrong, decorating a Christmas tree in the office is always great! but this time, think of something else.  It's time to create an End of Year company video - and here's why. 


End of year is a fantastic and challenging time - finishing projects before Holiday break, reviewing company's achievements and setting up goals for next year. 


Spice it up and invest in End of Year video, which will help you:


- entertain and engage your audience

- stand out from your competitors

- go viral and promote your company

- introduce your team and show your company policy

- promote an idea

- make an announcement

- show your achievements


Here are 5 most popular End of Year ideas for you to inspire.


1. Holiday video


Go viral with funny seasonal video  - dress up your team as elves and reindeers and create a cover or lip-sync video of a popular song that your company can relate to. There's no better way to create a bond with your audience than showing that you are enjoying holiday season just as they are. (and there's nothing better than dressing up your CEO as a Santa ;-) )


You can create a  video of holiday greetings from your team in an interesting form. 


Maybe you will want to promote an idea to your audience e.g. by creating a video of the joy of sharing with others.


Here's an example of a great holiday video by WestJet 


2.  The Year in review


What important happened this year that had an impact on your company? What milestone have you achieved? What are the greatest projects you have completed? 


Review your year in style with a video. It's an opportunity to recap your success in visually interesting way. 


Example by Ford


Another example by GoPro - they are using UGC - User Generated Content to create a year in review video





3. Next year teaser


Ok, this year was really great, but let's get excited about what is yet about to come! 

Give your audience a small teaser of what to expect next year. 


What are your goals? Is there a new product to be introduced? Are you planning to expand to different markets?


Think of your end of year video as a movie teaser -  give your audience a preview, but don't reveal the details. 



4. 'Thank you' video


Companies can use a video to thank their customers, investors and suppliers for their valued business. 


Show your engagements and care by creating and sending something more than a Greeting Card, Letter or an e-mail.  CEOs and Company Directors of big companies or corporations may struggle with reaching everyone in person, that is why a video message will be valued.


Business owners can also use a video to thank their employees, especially if they are spread all over the country or continent, by sending a message and showing appreciation for their effort last year. 


'TIP: Thank you' video will be looking more personal, if the speakers will talk straight to the camera.


Or, like John Hopkins University, you don't have to say anything at all:




5. Real-life story video


A video with a great story is an option for companies and organisations with a mission. For example, if your mission is to make positive changes through your product or to support the local community, use the power of storytelling and show what good has happened this year.


Don't think that it has to be an award-winning story or a tearjerker movie - just try finding a story that will simply tell itself. 


This year, London Air Ambulance invited a cyclist involved in an accident to tell his story, how his life changed and how the charity helped him. 








Remember - before recording (in-house or with a video company) start from brainstorming. Whether it is a funny Holiday video or a next year teaser it has to be coherent with your brand image - don't go too funny or too serious than you normally are in online communication.


Skip the 'I don't need this' and 'I'll do it next year' attitude. A great end of Year video doesn't have to involve weeks of planning and production plus doesn't have to cost a fortune. 


If you can't think of an idea for your company video or you have an idea but you can't execute it, get in touch and we'll help you create an awesome video that will spice up your end of year online communication!






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