Beautiful timelapse video shows London at its festive best

December 27, 2017


Over 200 Gb of footage and 6 thousands of pictures taken in one and only Christmas London. We have captured most beautifully decorated locations in the city this Christmas and created a festive video. 



If you live in London, you've probably stopped at least once somewhere on the street and took a photo, because Christmas lights and decorations look absolutely stunning this season. If you enjoy London, Christmas or you're a fan of timelapse photography, you will surely enjoy our video.



This project in numbers:


- 3 production days

- over 200 gigabytes of footage

- over 6000 pictures taken



What is timelapse?


We have created this video using a time-lapse technique.


Time-lapse photography is 'a cinematography technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured (aka the frame rate) is much lower than that which will be used to play the sequence back'.

In other words, when played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster, it's like putting a forward button on a movie.


What you actually see, would take several minutes in 'real-time' but takes just seconds to view.




Why timelpase?


There are plenty reasons, why we love time lapse photography and why we use it in some of our projects. Here are top 3 reasons why to use time lapse:


1. Time lapse shows time passage in hyper interesting, and very not common way. 

2. Each time, once the timelapse is exported, you will see something completely new, what you haven't noticed while shooting.

3. The quality and look that you can achieve with time lapse, is (almost) impossible to get with the video. 


To create the Christmas project, we used only time lapses and no video shots. However, we often use time lapses in our video projects like corporate videos (e.g. as interesting venue shot, venue location & surrounding shot) or event coverage videos ( busy conferences, rooms filling in with people etc).





Time lapse photography offers remarkable stunning results, but is really time & data storage consuming. It requires patience, attention and perfectionism. Even single mistake or camera shake can ruin the whole time lapse. 


If you are interested in time lapse photography or have any questions about this technique or you'd like us to create your next company video - leave a comment below or drop us a line.





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