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Worldwide, people take approximately

2 billion photos each day.


Even though in the last 5 years we have taken almost 250 thousand pictures, at Flint Media, we are not focusing on numbers but on the finest quality.


We specialize in portrait photography, but there is a variety of subjects that we are experienced in: from headshots, event coverage to aerial photography. If there is anything particular you're looking for don't be shy to ask


The power of video content is dramatically growing each year, 87% of customers and businesses prefer to watch a video with a short description than read a plain article without visuals.

We offer bespoke video production services to name a few: interviews, talking heads, product videos, tutorials, testimonials, brand films and more.  

Before reading any text, 60% of site visitors will watch a video if available. So let's talk no more, have a look at our work!

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