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We are a content production agency. However, we’d like to call ourselves problem solvers, because we aim to take your headache away in the specialist field of content and digital marketing.


You may ask 'why?'.

We know, that in a business world you are too occupied with day to day responsibilities to find enough time for creating valuable content and sharing it via multiple social media platforms. Therefore, we offer bespoke media services enabling you to connect with your clients and grow engagement. 



10 reasons why choose FLINT MEDIA:

  1. Our analytic skills help to examine your brand and your audience first​ 

  2. Creating the full strategy of branded content is our priority

  3. Setting up your goals is something we care about

  4. If you have a ready brief to the content you require we will follow it

  5. But if you don’t have a brief we can prepare it for you

  6. Our content is always tailor-made to your requirements

  7. We keep up to date with market trends (real-time marketing)

  8. Distribution of your content is as important to us as creating it

  9. Our genuine creation process #2a2c leads to something more than a ‘one-off production’

  10. We make content matter!

Now have a look at some stats:

Martin Lindstrom, Brand Sense:


‘Emotion gets out attention through our senses, which then influence out decision-making processes. Brands that create an emotional connection to consumers are much stronger than those that don't- it's as simple (and complicated) as that.” 


If you are still wondering why content marketing is our niche, you need to know, that the world is currently experiencing an information overload. There are simply way too many adverts, visuals, etc attacking us every day of our life. This is why our brains became masters at filtering irrelevant information. We have now also a shorter attention span, which makes a marketer life difficult. Because how on earth you can sell a product in 8 seconds? 

Flint Media have their say:



The key is to realize, that you don’t need to attack your client with adverts they won’t even remember. You need to understand and respond directly to your client’s needs, by giving them content they will care about. 


It’s about time to change the approach!


We believe it’s about time to change the approach from telling people to buy your product rather to build a relationship with existing and potential clients. And that journey starts by creating and sharing a branded content for you.

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